Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

You can contact me by emailinghowever please note I cannot respond to all emails, and I may be slow to respond. I will not respond to emails asking "which pedal is best" or asking for information that can easily be found here on this website. Please read the FAQ. I will happily try to answer technical or subjective questions that are not entirely covered here. Thanks for understanding!
Manufacturers and product designers: please feel free to contact me about reviewing your new compressor. I can provide many industry references from companies that have loaned me products for review. Additionally I have helped a few makers with the development and refinement of their designs, and I really enjoy being a part of that process--so please do inquire if you would like my consultation on prototypes and ideas.
I am also available for hire as a technical writer and marketing consultant. If you need an instruction manual written, or some vivid ad copy, or a critique and rewrite of your existing materials, then I am the right person for the job. Let's talk!

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