Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Taurus Tux (Silver Line): The "Silver" models from Taurus are fancier versions of the Black ones. They are the exact same quality, but with extra features. For the majority of my opinion of this pedal, you can read the review of the Black Line model. This review will just cover the differences added in the Silver version.
The one function that's added here is a toggle switch to select between "comp" (the same medium-strong ratio of the other model) and "limit" which is a very high ratio, possibly infinity:1. It is a very effective peak limiter, and can also be used for extreme squashing effects. As I mentioned in the other review, it is possible to dial in a very exciting percussive quality by carefully balancing the threshold, attack, and frequency-range controls, and the limit mode adds another layer of adjustability to that mix.
When using it as a regular peak limiter, you get the most complete limiting with the attack set very fast and the frequency range set wide ("punch" and "range" fully clockwise). However, at that extreme it significantly dulls the highs and robs your notes of crispness. You can bring those qualities back by dialing the punch and range down counterclockwise until you find the sweet spot where you get effective limiting with good tone and articulation. And actually, I shouldn't minimize it as just one "sweet spot", because there is quite a range of useful and great-sounding settings to be found.
The Silver model has metal dome knobs while the Black one has plastic knobs. The Black model has just one LED to indicate both effect on/bypass and the amount of compression; the Silver one has fancy side panels that light up red to show on/bypass, and a separate small LED to indicate the amount of compression. The Silver one is marked with a Greek "pi" because it is the signature model of Polish musician Wojtek Pilichowski. It has nothing to do with the more well-known Big Muff Pi fuzz.
If you desire hard peak limiting or heavy squashing, then it is worth buying the Silver model. If those stronger effects aren't so important to you, then the Black one is a perfectly good choice, and may be a better value.

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