Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

T Rex Neo Comp: I used to like T Rex's old "Comp Nova" pedal, so I hoped this new one was the same circuit in a smaller box. It's not.
On the plus side, it is the smaller MXR size housing, and they fit two of the three plugs onto the top back panel, so it will take up a little less space on the pedalboard. Also the attack and release knobs have a good useful range, and the compression circuit seems to have a higher ratio than the old Comp Nova. There is no loss of low frequencies, and only a little bit of high end rolloff. The range of compression is decent enough, and the tone is fairly clear.
On the negative side, it is very noisy. It's noisier than a typical old guitar compressor. Plus I could hear a weird whine as some component charged and discharged. I cannot recommend this pedal at any price, due to this unacceptable noise.
The construction quality is OK I guess. There is no meter to indicate the amount of compression. It runs on Boss-standard 9V DC. The footswitch is "true bypass".

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