Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Alesis NanoCompressor: This is an older 1/3 rack-width module. It can operate in mono or stereo. It has no presets, but instead has a good versatile range of controls, and useful metering. The sound is almost identical to the Boss LMB-3: clean, dry, with fairly good highs and lows; but prone to a "pop" artifact when the threshold is crossed. The noise level is pretty decent, not bad.
Strangely for a rack unit, this seems to work a lot better at instrument level (between your instrument and your amp) than at line level. The output is fairly low, even when the compression is bypassed. So even though it's theoretically rackable, I would put it on a pedalboard instead; it's pretty small anyway. Think of it as an LMB-3 with metering and more versatile controls, but no footswitch. The construction quality is good for the price. It runs on a 9V AC wall wart power supply.

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