Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

TC Electronic HyperGravity and Spectracomp: This is not a review. I am only posting this because I get at least one email every day asking me to review these. The problem is that I had such a crappy experience with TC Electronic's customer service that they are basically dead to me, and there is no way I could give any new product of theirs a fair review. This is a real shame because in the old days I loved their products, and anyone who knows older effects processors can tell you TC used to be considered one of the absolute top brands. But now they make cheap disposable toys, and their customer "support" is a joke.
For what it's worth, I have seen several comments on the forums saying that the Hypergravity is very noisy; that no matter how cool it should be based on the Toneprint concept and many features, the hiss noise is too much and makes everything good about it irrelevant. But don't take my word for it, because I have not tested it myself.

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