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MXR Dynacomp: This is one of my oldest reviews, so it is short and not very informative. I should buy another one and give it a more proper and thorough review, ideally doing a direct comparison with recent "special" models like the "Custom" and "76 Vintage"... but I am not going to. The Dynacomp family is tedious and not interesting to me. If you like them, great for you.
It's basically the same general circuit as the Ross, and therefore similar to the Keeley and other clones. Aside from some variation in component values, the main difference is that the MXR has lower quality of components and construction. Its tone is entirely decent when compared to the boutique clones, but it is a little noisier. It sounds good for the price though, with especially nice highs; the only real problem for bassists being that like other Ross-related circuits, it loses some of the lows. It is not "true bypass", but the bypassed tone is acceptable.
Price in USD: new $70, used $40, though certain vintage ones sell for a lot more.
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