Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Conneaut Audio Devices (CAD) CGM-2 "Champ": This is a two-channel line-level rack unit that also features a noise gate and an expander. It has a nice crisp sound with no rolloff of lows or highs. It's a bit noisier than some other rack units, but it's not bad--mostly noticeable with heavier compression settings, when it will "pump and breathe". There are no glitchy artifacts when you cross the threshold, and the action is quite smooth. The controls for the compression are limited compared to other rack units, but the range available works fine for bass. The gate and expander are not great for bass signals, but they work decently and would be handy if you wanted to also put this unit to other uses such as drum overhead mic busses. I would say it is useful and good-sounding if you can find one for cheap, but I wouldn't pay a hyped vintage/collectible price for it.
Obviously this older review is very short and not thorough. I don't plan to buy another Champ to update and improve the review though, as it's not that interesting.

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