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Rocktron Big Crush: Not good. First thing, the "bypassed" signal level is drastically attenuated, so it messes up the gain stages of the rest of your rig. Second, with a low-to-medium "sustain" setting it sounds weak and hollow, with bad rolloff of the lows. At a high (2:00) sustain setting the signal sounds good and strong, with much better low end; however turning up the sustain also turns up the noise level. And turning the sustain knob up past 3:00 caused the signal to cut out altogether, for no reason I can think of. The footswitch is not "true bypass", and it makes crackling noises if you tap your foot anywhere near the switch. Honestly, the cheapest Behringer pedals work better than this piece of junk. I know some fans of Rocktron gear will be disappointed by this review, but I'm just reporting the facts as I see them. Perhaps this specific one was just defective in multiple ways?
Price in USD: new $60, used $25
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