Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Behringer DC9: This is Behr's clone of the MXR Dynacomp. As with most other Behr products, it actually does sound and perform very much like the device it was copied from. As you may know the Dynacomp is essentially the same basic circuit as the Ross, Keeley, and similar pedals, but with cheaper components. The DC9 is the same thing but with the cheapest components possible. That said, it sounds pretty good.
The noise level is not too bad, there is no loss of highs, and the tone overall is relatively clear and uncolored. That's actually the biggest difference between the DC9 and the boutique Ross clones--the boutique ones have a nice fullness and richness to the tone, while the DC9 is just flat. Otherwise they have the same amount of sustain, the same general action, and the same loss of low end. Yes, the lows are attenuated in the same way with almost all Ross-type clones: the lows are good enough for a 4-string player, especially in a live-on-stage context, but for a fiver or in a recording studio the lows will be missed. And the SMT micro components of the DC9 mean that most people will not be able to perform any mods.
To be clear though, the sound and function of this pedal is surprisingly good for the price. If you're a guitarist or 4-string bassist on a tight budget, this is a decent choice. The footswitch is not true bypass, but the bypass doesn't have any noticeable problems.

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