Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Ashly CL 100: Here's another of my way too short older reviews. Sorry! This is a half-rack-width one-channel unit, and it takes only line-level input.
Ashly makes clean-sounding, professional, no-BS equipment, and this is no exception. It has completely uncolored, transparent sound with no loss of highs or lows, and very little noise. It does take some time and experimentation to find the right settings, but it is capable of a very wide usable range of compression and limiting.
The only complaint I might have about this unit is that it doesn't add any magical fatness or sparkle to the tone. It can even sound sterile or "dead" at certain settings. But find the sweet spots, and it lets your natural tone come through with no alteration or artifacts- especially notable when set up as a limiter. I wish they hadn't discontinued this one, and I wish it was in pedal form. The good news is you can occasionally find one very cheaply.

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